Corporate Responsibility

What We Believe

At Beirne Wealth Consulting, corporate responsibility is not considered an obligation. Rather, it is fundamental to who we are and what we stand for as an organization. When our corporate footprint extends beyond our core business, and we begin to drive positive change in our community and society as a whole, we consider that to be the broadest measure of our success.

Our Core Values

BWC strives to provide a vital service to our clients and the community. The essence of our business is helping people to ensure their financial wellbeing—serving individuals directly, by way of their employers, and through endowments, foundations and non-profit organizations. But we also believe we have a tremendous opportunity to impact the lives of the people within the communities we serve. In all that we do, there are three guiding principles that govern our daily actions.

  • Trust is something we earn every day through open and honest communication and by putting the needs of the individuals we serve ahead of our own needs.
  • Integrity means doing what’s right, not always what’s easy. Challenging the status quo takes courage and conviction, but it’s an ideology that is vital to our corporate culture.
  • Accountability is integral to our promise at BWC—above all else, we believe that outcomes matter and that preserving a way of life is the most important thing we can do.

How We Make a Difference

The role we serve is not limited to helping our clients meet their financial goals and empowering our employees to achieve their career ambitions. Through a combination of monetary contributions, leadership and volunteerism, we support a range of worthwhile causes and organizations.