• Outcomes matter.         Trust is earned.

    Outcomes matter.
    Trust is earned.

2016 Presidential Election Market Update

To the Beirne Wealth Family and Friends,

Pundits are declaring the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States will usher in significant changes.  At this point in time no one knows what will happen except there will in fact be changes.  What we do know is that Mr. Trump’s election represents a significant move away from the leadership of the past forty years.  Therefore, the election does, in fact, represent a significant change or turning point in history.  President elect Trump stumped on a platform of significant fiscal spending on areas such as infrastructure.  These policies if enacted should bring about more growth and higher rates of inflation.  While we don’t pretend to acknowledge we know how Mr. Trump’s opposing forces will react to the proposals he tries to implement, what we do know is that you have asked us to properly take care of your assets and your wellbeing.  We have, in our fifty-two-year history, had to face many challenging changes which have faced our nation.  Those challenges have come in the form of military battles, high inflation and everything in between.  While we cannot guarantee you any investment returns, we can guarantee that we will work as diligently in the future as we have in the past to see to it that your assets you have entrusted with us are properly cared for no matter what the environment is over the next four years or longer.  We are sure you will have questions as the days unfold and I can pledge to you that we are available via the phone or in person to answer, as best we can, any questions you may have about the economic future of the United States and the global economy.

John Beirne and the Beirne Wealth Team

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