• Outcomes matter.         Trust is earned.

    Outcomes matter.
    Trust is earned.

BWC Market Update from John Beirne - October 11, 2018

"These are the times that try men's souls." - Thomas Paine

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Certainly, this isn’t the beginning of a revolution, such as when Thomas Paine made that quote. We are now back to a more normal type of volatility regarding the stock markets. From the period of 2008 to 2018, we have had relatively quiet times in the market, especially over the last 2 years. We are now in a period where the FED takes liquidity from the markets which will produce a time of more volatility.

We at Beirne Wealth, do not believe it is time to become more defensive or more bearish regarding the stock market. We continue to believe that once we get through this period of volatility, the stock market will move higher and during this period of time we are looking for the best opportunities to invest your portfolios.

Should you have any concerns whatsoever regarding your portfolio, or the markets in general, please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide advice to you and explain our feelings about the markets and its direction.

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