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 rooted in 100+ years of industry experience.

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Who is Beirne Wealth Consulting Services? 

Beirne Wealth Consulting Services is a Registered Investment Advisor* and privately-owned firm with offices in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. We provide independent, fee-based wealth management services and innovative financial strategies for individuals, families, business owners and institutions. 

*Registration does not imply a level of skill or training.

 Which Description Fits Your Situation the Best? 

Our Guiding Principles


As a fiduciary, we are 100% committed to you, meaning we unwaveringly put your interests ahead of our own.


We strive to create portfolios and financial strategies that help you to not only succeed, but also sleep well at night. 


From a clear understanding of our recommendations to full disclosure of our fees, we will always be upfront and honest with you.

 Discover Your Optimal Risk Tolerance

When it comes to investing, everyone has a unique investment personality based on the amount of risk they feel comfortable implementing within their overall strategy. Take this quiz to discover your preferred tolerance to risk.

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