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What Does the BWC Team Miss from Life Before COVID19? Thumbnail

What Does the BWC Team Miss from Life Before COVID19?

This week we asked the BWC team what they miss most from life before COVID19.  It has certainly been a difficult year for everyone.  Hopefully in 2021 we can return to some normalcy.

Check out everyone's responses below!

Jeff Bradanini

Sometimes it’s hard to even remember what life was like before Covid.  2020 feels like the never ending year and I’m constantly reminded of how good we once had it.  I miss simple things like being able to walk into a store without wearing a mask or go out to dinner with a large group of people.  I also miss going to sporting events and concerts, traveling, and celebrating special occasions with my extended family and friends.  Even with all the negativity going on around the world, we’re still very fortunate to have what we do.  As my father once told me, “This too shall pass!”.

Sam Hicks

I miss many things from pre-Covid times. We love to travel, and I do miss the excitement of hopping off the side of a dive boat to explore the Great Barrier Reef, and the feeling of being so small in the world wandering down an empty beach in a foreign country. But more than anything, I miss the smaller things we all (or at least I) took for granted – like going to the county fair and playing games, not worrying about germs or getting close to people in the crowds, and being able to spend time with family, especially my grandparents. I feel sad for people in their later years, and hope very soon we’re back to a world where they can enjoy doing anything they like, surrounded by the people they love.

JR DeFrancesco

I have become acutely aware of all the things I once took for granted such as interacting with a loved one or shaking the hand of a colleague.  Although, there are many things that I miss about pre-COVID life, there is one thing that tops the list.  As we head into the holidays, the thing that I miss most are family gatherings.

Lindsey Allard

I miss vacationing with my family and celebrating important milestones of our family and friends. 

Taylor Garguilo

I miss the things we or at least I took for granted. Such as hugging my family, attending sporting events and country concerts, Sunday brunch, meeting up with my friends for happy hour at our favorite spot, traveling the world/meeting new people, even working out at the gym (who would have thought). Most of all I miss my best friend in Texas who I have not seen since pre-COVID-19.  

We hope you all have a Happy and Health Holiday season!

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