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RMDs For 2021: Here's What's Changing Thumbnail

RMDs For 2021: Here's What's Changing

The CARES and SECURES Acts offered financial relief during COVID-19. And though some of the benefits of these acts are no longer in effect, some of the rules within them were enacted as permanent changes in 2021. In this article, we will look at how these changes affect RMDs in 2021.

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Taking on Debt is Unsustainable.  How Much More Can We Borrow? Thumbnail

Taking on Debt is Unsustainable. How Much More Can We Borrow?

A half century ago we all (unwittingly) became subjects in a vast global experiment, the outcome of which is still in doubt. August 15, 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant events in global financial history, though one which will probably go unnoticed outside a rarefied cadre of (mostly older) economists. On that date, President Richard Nixon, in a surprise move originating from a top-secret meeting at Camp David, took the United States off the gold standard, severing the ability of foreign governments to exchange their dollars with the U.S. at a fixed rate of $35 per ounce and launching us into the uncharted waters of unlimited fiat currency.

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Where Does the Travel Industry Stand as Summer 2021 Kicks Off? Thumbnail

Where Does the Travel Industry Stand as Summer 2021 Kicks Off?

The travel industry has begun to see growing demand as we move closer to summer. However, not all travel will be the same, as much of the demand is directly related to the COVID-19 vaccine and reduced CDC restrictions. Instead, industry trends have emerged based on individual comfort levels as they apply to different modes of travel.

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5 Techniques to Overcome Financial Stress Thumbnail

5 Techniques to Overcome Financial Stress

Money is the second leading cause of stress amongst adults. If you find yourself worried about your financial wellbeing, you're not alone - and there are things you can do to make it better. Financial stress can stop even the most productive people in their tracks, causing sleepless nights, avoidance of debt and denial. While it's best to talk to your financial professional about what's on your mind, here are a few tips to start managing your stress on your own.

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What is the Future of the Stock Market? Thumbnail

What is the Future of the Stock Market?

If you read the Wall Street Journal or other financial press, or listen to any of the business cable channels, the “bad” news is enough to give you chronic indigestion if you are invested in the stock market. Given the recent topics covered in this piece, this writer is guilty of some Chicken Little talk as well. Near-record high stock valuations, bubbles, inflation, budget deficits, COVID, cyber attacks, historically low bond yields … the list goes on and on. Well, change the business channel to Animal Planet and put the WSJ in the bird cage, things are not so bad!

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What Is an NFT? Thumbnail

What Is an NFT?

From mainstream media coverage to a parody skit on Saturday Night Live, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are starting to become a household name. But the concept can be confusing and leave investors wondering whether this is a fad, a hobby or a bona fide investment. While you may be able to address this question with a trusted financial professional, below we’re offering a quick introduction to NFTs and the potential risks and rewards involved with owning them.

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