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BWC’s COO, Richard DeFrancesco, Jr., Graduates from Wharton

Beirne Wealth Consulting Services, LLC (BWC) is proud to announce that Chief Operating Officer, Richard (JR) DeFrancesco, Jr. has graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business General Management Program (GMP). The program consists of six open-enrollment courses, including two electives. GMP was created for senior level executives and focuses on finance & wealth management, leadership, strategy & innovation, and marketing & sales. JR is the 12th youngest and 96th person overall to graduate from the program.

When asked about the program, DeFrancesco went on to say, “My experience completing the GMP program was nothing short of exceptional. This program targeted and developed specific skills that executives require to thrive across all industries. I believe the curriculum and how the professors apply it to actual scenarios companies go through is what makes Wharton’s faculty among the best in the world. Reflecting on the past two years, I am grateful for not only the education but for the opportunity to meet and get to know my classmates. Everyone knows Wharton has arguably the best professors, staff, facilities, etc. What isn’t on the course description is the benefit from taking courses with executives from some of the largest, most successful companies in the world. Being able to learn from my classmates, share experiences and develop a network of top-level executives has proven to be invaluable. It is bittersweet that this experience has come to an end. I could not have completed the program without the Beirnes, my colleagues, and my family, so I thank them for supporting me during this journey.”

JR is responsible for day-to-day operation strategies and business growth; including accounting, Human Resources and IT. He develops, refines, and implements comprehensive and efficient business approaches with the goal of helping to ensure that the firm delivers an outstanding client experience at all times. JR also played an integral part in bringing BWC completely independent and 100% employee owned.

JR’s passion for leading a team to achieve the highest possible purpose is rooted in his extensive business, financial, and operations experience and his steadfast focus on relationships and collaboration. JR particularly enjoys the challenge of working to improve efficiencies within the BWC team processes.

Congratulations to JR on the completion of this prestigious program!

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