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BWC’s Jeff Bradanini Special Guest Speaker at the 2022 Barron’s Advisor Teams Summit Thumbnail

BWC’s Jeff Bradanini Special Guest Speaker at the 2022 Barron’s Advisor Teams Summit

Last month, BWC’s Jeff Bradanini was a special guest speaker at the Barron’s Advisor Teams Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.  This event is by invitation only and brings together elite-tier advisory teams for three days of rich content, designed to address the complexities of interpersonal dynamics, provide insights on financial management and share innovations in wealth management.

“It was an honor and a privilege to be invited to speak at the Barron’s Advisor Teams Summit.  I am humbled by the experience, and truly grateful to be in the presence of the Top Teams across the Country.  This conference is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry when it comes to financial planning, relationship management, business development and team management.”

-Jeff Bradanini

To view Jeff’s entire session, click here.

About the Teams Summit

Being a leading advisor and being an advisor leading a team are two distinct challenges, but they are becoming increasingly interdependent. While Barron’s Advisor celebrates the accomplishments of advisors, their success is often the by-product of excellent teams, who recognize that every role contributes to the aggregate success of the team and the firm. This is the reasoning behind the Barron’s Advisor Teams Summit—to give advisors and their teams the tools to raise the bar for service and improve client outcomes.

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Jeff On Stage with Fellow Speaker, April Rudin

Jeff Interviewed on the Barron's Advisor National Podcast

 Jeff Pictured with Key Note Speaker, Bo Jackson

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