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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life Thumbnail

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and after a year like no other, it’s time to celebrate. If last year’s Mother’s Day wasn’t what you hoped it would be, you may be trying extra hard to make it something special this year. To celebrate every woman in your life, we’ve gathered up four sentimental gift ideas you may want to consider. 

For the Foodie... Cook Her a Meal

Mother’s day is the single most popular day for dining out, with an estimated 34 percent of all adults choosing to celebrate at a restaurant.1 If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, or your mom prefers some quiet time at home, consider making her a special meal. It can be much more cost-effective to have a meal and drinks (think big batch cocktails and family-style brunch) at home than in a restaurant - especially if you’re celebrating with a sizeable group. Have everyone give a toast to the woman of the hour, pass around pictures and go that extra mile to make it a memorable meal for Mom.

For the Nature Lover… Gift Her a Plant

If the mother in your life enjoys gardening or boasts an impressive collection of houseplants, then the gift of something green may be right up her alley. With the right amount of TLC, some houseplants have the potential to live for years (even decades). 

Some houseplants that require little light include:

  • Bamboo
  • Pothos
  • Spider plant
  • Philodendron
  • Fittonia
  • Christmas cactus

For the Adventurer… Book an Experience

If a mom in your life enjoys the outdoors (and has been cooped up for a year at home), this may be the perfect time to gift her something you can do together. Spending time with family is something all moms cherish, and the gift of making memories together can be priceless. 

Some experiences you could plan include:

  • Booking a weekend getaway in the woods, by the beach, etc.
  • Mapping out a road trip to visit some spots on her bucket list
  • Purchasing admittance to a series of classes (cooking, dancing, pottery, painting, etc.)
  • Finding tickets to see her favorite musician (live or virtually)

For the New Mom… Preserve Precious Memories

If there’s a new mom in your life, consider finding inspiration in her little one. Turn a drawing they did into a framed piece of art, or create an apron with handprints and footprints on the front. New moms will love having something from their baby they can hold on to for years to come.

For the Working Mom… Spoil Her With Subscriptions

If the mom in your life is always on the go, while balancing life at home with a professional career, consider something that’ll make her life a little easier. Maybe she’d enjoy a premium subscription to a music streaming service for her long commute, or perhaps a meal kit delivery service could make weeknight dinners less of a hassle. From wine, cheese, hot sauces or tea of the month kits, there is no shortage of subscription services to gift your favorite working mom.

Mother’s Day is an important celebration for every woman you consider to be a mother figure in your life. While they may certainly appreciate lavish, expensive gifts, there are a few simple, sentimental things you can do to make their day extra special as well.

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