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When's the Best Time to Buy? A Month-By-Month Breakdown Thumbnail

When's the Best Time to Buy? A Month-By-Month Breakdown

Impulse spending: everyone does it, many regret it. About half the purchases made by young adults are impulsive, but the number tends to decrease with age.1 Commercialism and online shopping have made spending both accessible and instantaneous. 

In the modern market, it’s easy to buy anything you want whenever you want. This only makes waiting for sales less desirable. Yet waiting for the ideal time to purchase certain items can make the difference between a huge expense and a lesser one. Here’s exactly what you should be looking to buy, month-by-month, in order to generate a year of savings. 


Post-Christmas Merchandise

With Christmas over, retailers are rushing to clear out their holiday inventory and make room for other items. Now’s the best time to stock up for next holiday season; look for sales on decorations, ornaments and artificial trees. 


Major retailers will be offering TV discounts in preparation for the Super Bowl. In anticipation of new TV models being announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, you’ll also find discounts on older models. 


Sales on bedding and linens, typically called “white sales,” hit stores in January. These discounts are notoriously generous, so now’s the perfect time to buy. 



Mattresses actually boast some of the biggest Presidents Day sales. If you’re in need of a new mattress, take advantage of discounts and additional perks such as free shipping. 

Post-Valentine’s Day Merchandise

On average, consumers plan to spend almost $200 on their loved ones for Valentine’s Day.2 The demand for romantic gifts skyrockets. But don’t overlook the potential savings after Valentine’s Day, when you can purchase discounted jewelry or chocolates. 


Summer Prep

With summertime on the horizon, Spring is a great time of year to purchase grills and luggage. March sits between travel seasons, but it’s good to anticipate your summer plans early.

Tax Software

In preparation for Tax Day, there’ll be great deals on tax software. If you take a do-it-yourself approach to filing taxes, purchasing now could help you save big. 


Beauty Supplies

Major players in the beauty industry, such as Ulta and Sephora, have some of their best sales events during the month of April. Think beyond makeup - hair care, nails, facial cleansers, perfumes and more. 


April means spring cleaning, which means discounts on important cleaning products. Vacuums have some of the biggest price cuts. 


Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day is another holiday sellers capitalize on. There’ll be sales on almost everything, but look out in particular for appliances (especially refrigerators) and clothes.

Large Pieces of Furniture

If you’ve been planning a home makeover, May is one of the cheapest times to make those typically expensive purchases. Shop around Memorial Day for the best sales. 


Gym Memberships

Gyms offer great deals in late June in an attempt to increase membership. This time of year, they’re often competing with the nice outdoor weather. 

Father’s Day Goods

Father’s Day is in June, causing prices to drop on classic gifts such as tools, outdoor fitness equipment and camping, hunting and hiking gear. Anyone can, of course, reap the benefits of these sales even if you’re not buying exclusively for dad. 


Summer Apparel

The rush to buy summer clothes peaks in June, making July a hotspot for deals on apparel. Clothing retailers will be putting extra effort into selling their summer collections before back-to-school season starts. 


Planning on taking up a paint job at home? Paint is discounted in July due to a lack of demand, so consider purchasing even if you won’t be needing it for a few months. 


Back-to-School Sales

August headstarts the back-to-school rush, and the sales are always huge. Buy school or office supplies such as backpacks, pencils and calculators, which will be similarly discounted. 


Students usually flood retailers in August to purchase laptops for the upcoming school year. Student or not, August is an ideal month to look for competitive laptop and computer prices. 

Outdoor furniture

Summer’s drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean you should stop shopping for it. Look at items on summer clearance to purchase outdoor furniture and decor.



If you’ll be traveling in the upcoming holiday seasons, buy your plane tickets in September to get ahead of rising prices. Fares are likely to increase the closer you get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


Apple usually announces its new iPhone in the fall. If you’re in need of an upgrade and either want the new release or older models at a discounted price, hold on until September before making the switch. 



With new car models coming into the market, dealers will want older models off their lots. Waiting until October to purchase a new car (as long as you don’t want the brand new model) will pay off financially, and might even have some other perks in store to encourage you to buy.


As temperatures start dropping, jeans tend to go on sale in October. They’re an important part of any wardrobe and can tend to be expensive, so look for sales at your favorite clothing retailers during this month. 


Black Friday Sales

It’s the biggest sales event of the year: Black Friday. This is the time to buy almost anything, but especially toys, appliances, electronics and clothes. Electronics specifically are at some of their lowest prices for Black Friday. If heading to crowded malls is too daunting, Cyber Monday has amazing sales as well. 

Wedding Dresses

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, November is a great time to purchase a wedding dress. Bridal shops will already have discounts in response to slow business, but discounts are even more prevalent as shops look to clear out old styles to welcome new releases. 



If you missed Black Friday, don’t worry — toy retailers will have even more sales in preparation for Christmas. Now’s the time to buy if you’re shopping for a child or young family member. 


Big New Year’s plans or just want some champagne for the house? Champagne sellers will be offering great deals as New Year’s comes up. 


Summer is actually not the best time to get a pool installed, as prices usually skyrocket. Instead, get a pool installed during the off-season; it will be cheaper, and many companies prefer to install in the cold (rather than the heat). 

It’s tempting to buy everything right when you need it. But if you can wait it out until the time of year when deals are hot, you’ll save in the long run. 

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